Listening is the new reading

Since my little guy entered the world, almost a year ago. Time to read comes in 10-minute slots here and there, very frustrating for a self-confessed book addict. With a baby that will only nap on me or while …read more

9 Lessons from my first year of Motherhood

As we’re hurtling towards the end of the year and my little guy approaches his first birthday I reflect on the year gone by and the lessons he’s brought. It has been a year of highs and lows, …read more

A Hector shaped hole

To Hector a beautiful boy, my faithful, strong friend, my caretaker…       The day we brought you home, my heart burst open. You shone your beautiful, playful, fun loving light over our lives and made …read more

Three ways to enhance your yoga practice

  Have you fallen into a rut with your yoga practice? Are you practicing the same poses, or following the same online classes over and over again?  Do you roll out your yoga mat, move through your …read more

Move your body

    A question I get asked over and over again is … What does your practice look like? or a variation of that. While the answer is Yoga, the response often surprises people that I don’t talk …read more