Every time I step onto my mat, I experience the transformative power of yoga. Tiredness lifts, emotions shift, and my body seems to vibrate with gratitude as it is moved with gentle awareness.

Yoga is a philosophy and a way of life that includes diet, massage, relaxation and meditation. It promotes health and happiness by working on bringing the mind, body and spirit into balance. It helps to condition the body through movement and promotes the body’s own natural healing abilities. When physical and mental tensions are released, built-up stores of energy can be released.

Yoga promotes vitality and calmness of mind. It restores mental and physical balance, health and wellbeing, bringing us back to ourselves, offering the opportunity for growth.

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People come to yoga for many different reasons: to reduce stress, heal injuries, strengthen the body, improve flexibility, lose weight, explore spirituality, or a combination of these motivations. We all face challenges in life that we struggle to transcend. Yoga can help us to do just that.


In my classes I teach Vinyasa Flow yoga. Vinyasa means ‘to flow’, connecting breath and movement, moving consciously through a sequence of postures (asanas), with your breath as your guide.

The practice is relaxed yet dynamic, focusing on the present moment, moving in and out of poses with strength and grace, inspiring confidence in you to listen and respond to your body’s needs.

Here’s what I know for sure. Yoga transforms lives, if we allow it, and if we commit to it.

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I recently graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, as a Health Coach, which has been an incredible period of growth and transformation. I’m ready to share what I’ve learnt, so if you’re looking for support on your wellness journey, I will be offering coaching sessions at a discounted rate. If you are interested in learning more, get in touch.

As a student of nutritional healing, I’m passionate about learning how to help you tune into and nourish your body so you can feel focused, energised and healthy in your day-to-day life, putting your best self out into the world.

I’ll be sharing my favourite recipes, naturopathic techniques, and any other learnings I discover along the way over here on the blog.


Workshops provide an opportunity to take some time to focus on a particular aspect of yoga.  You can absorb yourself in the practice, connect with like minded people and enjoy some time out of your usual weekly routine.

There are currently no workshops scheduled, although I’m currently planning some workshops. I’ll share more details here soon.
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Our home practice workshop was a great success and we received some lovely feedback. Here’s what people had to say:

“If you are looking to develop your yoga practice or just enjoy learning more through an extended practice a workshop run by Nichola and Caroline is an excellent option with a lovely caring atmosphere and follow up support.”  Laurene

“I am happy to commend your workshop and encourage others to explore your teaching and support in discovering Yoga practice methods.” Gilbert


Life gets hectic from time to time, despite our best efforts to retain balance. During these times, it’s even more important than usual to make time for yourself. To receive. Energy healing is my go-to during times of stress. We all feel depleted from time to time and a little top-up goes a long way to restoring and rebalancing our energy levels.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning ‘spiritually guided life energy’, an energy that fills us all and is found all around us. Reiki is a form of spiritual healing using ‘universal life energy’ channelled through the practitioner to the recipient.

Reiki can enhance your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health by channelling life force energy to where the body needs it. This energy enables the body to heal itself, restoring balance and health by boosting the immune system. It promotes a feeling of wellbeing by replacing energy expended in daily activities.

I offer Reiki treatments as an add-on to a private yoga session in the comfort of your own home, or as a distance healing treatment.

Reiki will leave you feeling deeply relaxed, by encouraging you to let go of tension, anxiety, fear or other negative feelings, creating a wonderful state of peace and well-being. I aim to leave you feeling rested, refreshed, and lighter, with a more positive, balanced outlook on life. And maybe more of a sparkle in your eye too!

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Need some time to yourself? Retreats are a wonderful opportunity to press the pause button on life. Completely switch off, spend some time relaxing without life’s daily demands distracting you. Immerse yourself in daily movement, relaxation, meditation, creating space for you to hear your inner wisdom. There is time to reflect, spend time alone and connect with like minded people, enjoy nutritious meals, a beautiful location and return to your life feeling refreshed and renewed.

No retreats are currently scheduled. Check back, as I’m planning one soon!

Please refer to my cancellation policy here.

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Gift vouchers can be used for Distance Reiki, Yoga 1-1 by Skype or in person if located in Edinburgh, Fife, Perth or Dundee.