My teaching is grounded in my own journey of managing chronic pain, and learning to support myself during times of anxiety, depression and grief. Enhanced and strengthened by all I know about the science of yoga, nutrition, energy healing, connection to spirit and daily self-care.

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I believe everyone deserves to be happy and healthy.
I believe in the power of the breath to heal our mind and body.
I believe our hearts hold more wisdom than our heads.
I believe in gratitude, kindness and generosity.
I believe our inner guide has the answers to all our questions and I believe love is the cure to all our suffering.

Whether you’re here because you need to heal an injury, want to manage stress, ease anxiety, or find some inspiration for the next chapter of your life, I aim to support, inspire, share, and serve with a great big dose of love.

I’ve created an online haven for you to feel supported and inspired on your path. I share my passion for yoga, nutritious food, books and other resources to guide you to a daily self-care practice that nurtures and nourishes your heart and soul.


Are you ready to dig deep and make heartfelt changes so you can feel better than you’ve ever felt before?

It’s time to slow down, let go, reconnect to yourself and pave the way for a life you love. One that loves you back!

Do you want to know more? You can read more about me and my yoga journey here.

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nicholaveitch_image_aboutbioProfessional bio:

Nichola is a book-loving, tea-drinking, heart-centred yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, and health coach. Her soul purpose is working with people who are ready to make a change to their life. Whether that’s improving their physical health, mental wellbeing, or upping their inspiration and joy.

She is passionate about sharing the magic of yoga and a healthy lifestyle to support a happy, balanced life. Her aim is to guide you to slow down, let go, and reconnect to yourself, paving the way for a life you love. One that loves you back!


Nichola is trained in various yoga traditions including Sivananda, Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow (all forms of Hatha yoga), and Kundalini yoga. Based on a blend of these forms of yoga, her personal practice continues to evolve. She has attended training in Yoga Therapy, Yoga for Children with Radiant Child, and Perinatal Yoga with Birthlight, and is registered with the Yoga Alliance. Her training continues with Shiva Rea in Prana Flow yoga, which forms the heart of her teachings.

Nichola has completed Reiki levels 1, 2 and 3 with Tripuri Dunne and Lorraine Murray. And is qualified as a massage therapist (ITEC).

She is an Integrative Health Coach, certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she’s also studying Nutritional Therapy with the Institute of Optimum Nutrition.