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I have created some free resources that will support you on your health and wellness journey. They’re available to you when you sign up to my monthly newsletter, just pop your details in the grey bar above and they’ll arrive in your inbox for you to download.

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Five days to a mindful morning e-book

This e-book will guide you in creating space to connect with yourself each morning and develop some simple, but effective healthy habits that nurture your mind, body and soul so you step out into your day putting your best self forward.




Pantry Essentials for healthy, nutritious living

I’ve provided some suggestions to stock up your pantry so that it’s full to the brim. When life gets busy and you haven’t had time to plan meals let alone get the supermarket, you’ll still have a cupboard full of ingredients so you’re just twenty minutes away from a healthy dinner, a nutritious snack or even a yummy batch of freshly baked biscuits.




Breathe Love into Life Manifesto

I created a one-page manifesto for you to print out and remind you of all the things that will make you feel better right this very moment. When your motivation, positivity and energy is waning, glance at this manifesto and feel your energy shift. It will remind you that you are empowered to change how you feel and also what you can do.




Breathe love into life meditation

A short meditation to connect you to your breath and to your heart. Release tension and connect with the love inside. Allowing it to ignite the healing process as you open yourself up to love, feel the ripple effect as you consciously spread this love out into the world around you. Perfect to practice as a daily add-on to your regular meditation or on its own when you’re needing to connect with a more loving state.




Smoothie Ebook

Smoothies are a quick, easy and tasty way to get a big dose of nutrient-dense superfoods into your diet.

I created this guide to help you to include more nutritious smoothies into your diet, packing in nutrients without taking up too much of your time.



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