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Yoga 1-1

I started practicing yoga after 5 years of suffering with back pain and planter fasciitis, which caused me to wake up with pain in my heels everyday.

After 3 weeks of practicing a purpose built program designed by Nichola, for the first time in 5 years I had no pain in my back or heels.

Nichola was attentive to my needs and patient with my ignorance to yoga. I now practice yoga daily, and wish I had started it years ago.

The private yoga sessions allowed me to build my confidence, and learn at a much quicker pace than I would have if I was in a big class. Nichola is an excellent, knowledgeable teacher and I couldn’t recommend her more, the best way to learn yoga by far.

Colin Darling, Edinburgh

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With busy lives it was great to have Nichola come to us and teach us some Yoga in our home.

She understood what we wanted to get from our sessions and used our time perfectly to maximise our results.

We really enjoyed our sessions which were tailored to our specific needs and would recommend Nichola to anyone.

Calley & Kevin Thomson, Edinburgh

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Yoga Classes

I’ve been attending weekly classes with Nichola for several months now and I’m thoroughly enjoying them. Classes vary week to week with classic yoga flow, balancing energy, breathing techniques, reflecting on ourselves.

Nichola is always positive, compassionate and energetic throughout the classes, leaving me happier and refreshed.

A great ‘all round’ class, which would be suitable for all; from total beginners and for the more experienced yogis, as there’s something everyone can take away with them :)

Nina Goldberger, Edinburgh

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“Thank you so much for all your teachings. For introducing me to ‘How Yoga works’ and I don’t just mean the book, but in practice with grace and flow.

Thank you for giving so much in all of your classes, your kindness & warmth could always be felt. It has been such a privilege to be taught by you. You’ve opened my eyes to a whole new world, a whole new journey.”

Caroline Mcintosh, Edinburgh

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I find Nichola’s classes exceptionally supportive, restorative, calming and fun! They are challenging yet peaceful. I recommend her classes to anyone interested in starting yoga.”

Anon, Edinburgh

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I included yoga in my exercise regime some 12 year ago when it first became apparent that the arthritis I’m troubled with was seriously impacting my enjoyment of life. I had become stiff and inflexible and the pain was noticeably worse. Yoga has now become part of my daily routine.

Nichola has been teaching me yoga for a number of years and she has been instructive and helpful. She has enabled me to adapt my yoga to the challenges that the arthritis throws at me.

I always end a session with Nichola feeling so uplifted, no matter how tired and uncomfortable I may have felt beforehand, I finish energised and enthused. Nichola is a very gifted teacher.

Carol Cherry, Edinburgh

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Distance energy healing

I had the absolute pleasure of receiving a chakra healing session from Nichola whilst I slept, thousands of miles away.

I awoke to a summary of her findings on my email. Nichola was able to articulate ways of my being that influence the way I carry out my daily life, and she connected with the things I struggle with and would benefit from finding greater balance in.

These are things I have always considered to be part of my ‘temperament’ but after my session with Nichola I feel hopeful that there is potential for me to free myself from these duties and responsibilities that I carry around with me.

Having her findings written down gives me something to work from and I am confident I will be able to use the information to set intentions for myself to work towards positive changes.

I feel incredibly nurtured and cared for. I feel grateful to know that Nichola has connected with the Divine Feminine and found me in there, and has sent healing in my direction.

Thank you so much for your love and care Nichola.

Karlie Bell, Port Lincoln, South Australia

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Nichola has such a gentle nature and she’s so caring and kind. Before having a distance Reiki healing with Nichola my energy was all over the place. I was feeling stressed and I was going around in circles. I wasn’t sure how much help it would be but I was willing to give anything a go so I could feel more centred and calm.

I didn’t tell Nichola much about my situation before the first absent healing session but the information she filtered back to me was spot on. I was genuinely amazed that she picked up on so many of the things I was struggling with (and identified a few things I hadn’t even realised were factors) and with her beautiful and generous energy she helped me feel more aligned.

I had three sessions with Nichola and after the third session I had one of the best night’s sleep I’d had in months. I slept through the night and woke up feeling rested and refreshed without an alarm. I genuinely believe that the distance Reiki healing energy I received from Nichola helped me and I’ll absolutely seek healing from her again in the future.

Sarah Jensen, www.sarahjensen.com.au

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I was fortunate enough to receive a Reiki session with Nichola via distant healing…. It was such a beautiful and peaceful experience and happened to be exactly what I was needing in my life.

Nichola was very intuitive and picked up on some of the areas in my world that were out of balance and she gently realigned me to a state of balance and harmony.

In the days that followed I felt a real sense of calm and stability, and I felt that much was being integrated within my being on many levels. I have since had many insights and have noticed an overall sense of faith and peace throughout my days.

Thank you so much Nichola for the care, wisdom and gentle healing that you offered me – I am very grateful to have had this session with you.

Jo Bell Cummings, Australia, www.thehealingessence.com.au

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Nichola’s approach to Reiki is as intuitive as it is thorough. I was blown away by how accurate her feedback on my energy centres (chakras) was. I’ve been an energy healer and Reiki Master for over a decade and my increased sensitivity over the years means that I’m very discerning with who I let work on me. Nichola’s distant reiki session left a positive impact on me for many days afterwards, and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her!

Patty Kikos, www.pattykikos.com

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