Yoga Love – An interview with Anna Katarina Challacombe


Today I’d like to introduce you to Anna, a gorgeous Mama of three from Devon who supports other mama’s through health coaching. She also founded Blisscloud selling stunning, eco friendly yoga mats, go check them out, the designs are beautiful.

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Tell us a little about yourself

I am a certified health coach and have founded Blisscloud, producing high quality, beautiful, ECO yoga mats. My mission is to spread the word about the dangers of plastics in mats and that there are gorgeous, healthy alternatives.


Everyone who has ended up on a yoga mat raising their arms in their first sun salutation has a story of what led them there. What’s yours?

I have always dabbled in yoga, doing classes here and there but never really committing to it. However in April 2015 I went to a week long retreat in Portugal, which, whilst not a yoga retreat, had lots of bodywork, fascia release and resistive stretching. It awoke something in me and I felt truly ‘in my body’.

I returned to the UK, passionate about my body, it’s capabilities and in awe of it. I have practiced daily since then and I can honestly say my life has changed; in fact, it is unrecognisable.

I love how calm and grounded I feel after doing yoga and I love the yoga community.


What keeps you returning to your yoga mat?

I return to my mat each day partly for the effects on my mind and partly the effects on my body. I feel calmer and look better than I ever have, amazing after having three children.


How has your yoga practice filtered through to your everyday life?

My life is becoming more and more yoga inspired; as well as practicing yoga and taking my kids to yoga classes, I also design and produce yoga mats and help out on yoga/ meditation events.


What is your favorite yoga pose, breathing practice or mantra?

My favourite pose is the child’s pose, so simple, so beautiful. A moment to completely relax and let go. A mantra I often use is ‘I am safe, I am loved’


What advice do you have for those just starting out on their yoga journey?

I feel I am only just beginning my yoga journey; to anyone considering it, I encourage you to commit to a month of daily practice, even if only for 10 -15 minutes, I think you’ll be amazed with the results.


What are you loving right now?

Right now I am loving my body, my children and my friends. I love cosy evenings at home in front of the fire and daytime walks on the beach. I have been drinking cacao hot chocolates loaded with spices and coconut butter and having hot salt baths.


How do you nurture yourself?

Every evening I do some breathing practice and a guided meditation.

My practice has made me more creative, I have my best ideas during or just after doing yoga. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have the time or energy to do yoga but I always feel better for doing it.


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Thank you for sharing your yoga journey with us Anna.

To connect with Anna check out her social media channels and website:-

Instagram | Facebook | Website


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img_4716Anna Challacombe is a health coach and holistic therapist. She helps mothers committed to change, move through transitions and reach higher levels of energy, vitality and wellbeing. With practical tools, listening skills and coaching packages tailor made to meet individual needs. She can help you shine.

She is also the creator of Blisscloud yoga mats.

Returning from a holistic retreat in Portugal, she was all fired up to begin a new daily practice and keen to get herself a shiny new yoga mat. 

Searching online was frustrating as she couldn’t find anything she liked. She wanted something beautiful, as well as something that felt great to practice on and easy to look after. 

So she decided to create her own! It would have to be sustainable and eco-friendly, but she couldn’t compromise on quality or looks either. She began to design her own, and enlisted the help of an amazing designer to turn her ideas into beautiful, inspirational mats.

She lives in Devon with her three homeschooled children.

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