A free guided relaxation for you

I have recently been making an effort to reignite my meditation practice, since having a baby it has been sporadic. I’d listen to Yoga Nidra recordings, and other guided relaxations, but my meditation practice that felt so …read more

Why Meditate?

Meditation has become an old friend, the kind you can lose touch with and when you do finally speak it feels so comforting it’s like you never lost touch at all. When I first began to meditate …read more

Tips for going organic

Organic food is becoming more popular as we begin to understand the long-standing health benefits, we’re seeing more organic fruit and vegetables available at our local supermarkets.  Some of us reject the higher prices, some are happy to …read more

Yoga Love – An interview with Emma Tierney

I’m so happy to have connected with Emma, a health blogger over at Consciously Healthy where she shares her health journey and experiences of living with chronic illness. Today she is sharing her yoga journey, and how it has supported …read more

How to feel strong when you’re exhausted

  I find February to be my most challenging time of year, where the end of Winter seems to linger and Spring is slow to emerge. I feel a heaviness in my body and a tiredness that runs deep. …read more

Yoga Love – An interview with Smita Joshi

    Something about this interview with Smita makes me breathe a little deeper, sit a little taller, relax a little more and smile. For me, it speaks of the essence of yoga. Smita is an author, …read more