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During my first year as a Mama I’ve had very little time to read and it’s been the one thing I’ve really missed. Time to curl up with a blanket, cup of tea and dog at my feet no longer exists, but in the early newborn days I did manage to dip into a few books and there are three that come to mind immediately that I’d recommend to new Mama’s.

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Buddhism for Mothers

Whether you are interested in Buddhism or not, this is a beautiful guide to becoming a happier, more calm version of yourself. It offers very practical support for mothers in a way that made me feel less alone in the river of constantly changing emotions.

The book is written from a place of empathy, not judgment. I found it to be the perfect companion during those quiet hours of nurturing my newborn, a good friend who offered love and support and the occasional ‘me too’ that instantly calmed me.

The wonder weeks

The wonder weeks provides an insight into the first 18 months of your baby’s life, it discusses aspects of a child’s growth, development and resulting behavioural changes and emotional responses.  All baby’s brains go through these developmental leaps within a certain time period, but how these developmental leaps are expressed, differs for every child. Insights into you baby’s developing mind gives a coping mechanism for those challenging times when you’re unable to soothe your baby in ways you could previously, eliminating worry and anxiety. Suggestions for play and ways of communicating with your child that are appropriate for their level of development are introduced with each developmental leap.

This book has helped me to understand my little boy’s fussy periods. Of course, it doesn’t change them but it really does help to understand what he’s going through and to respond sensitively to his changing needs.Some of the changes I may not have noticed or could have found frustrating without this knowledge. It also helps to know approximately when the developmental leaps will occur so that I don’t plan a trip away or something else that may be overwhelming to him while he’s going through a leap. It has become the most dog-eared of all my books!

Spilt Milk Yoga

Combining my two passions, yoga and being a Mama :).

Another book that feels like sitting down with a supportive, loving friend. It offers warmth and humour as it guides you inwards, to reflect on yourself. It provides tools to strengthen yourself for times when motherhood takes you to the edge of your patience, sanity, and exhaustion.

Each chapter is filled with funny examples of everyday life that are very relatable. Reflective questions are dotted throughout the book, providing us with the chance to reflect and remain open to the constant learning and growing that being a Mama demands of us, and offering the opportunity to thrive amongst the mundane activities of daily life.  

“Moth­er­hood is like the most intense retreat we could ever go on, all the exits are blocked, we meet our habits, our best and worst behav­iours, and no mat­ter what we have to show up every day and be “mum”, even when we don’t feel up to it. And it’s espe­cially when we don’t feel up to it that we have the oppor­tu­nity to find a new way for­ward. Because as moth­ers we want to do our best for our kids when we wouldn’t do it oth­er­wise. What bet­ter place to prac­tice love, com­pas­sion, tol­er­ance, and under­stand­ing than with our­selves and our chil­dren?”

Cathryn Monro, Spilt Milk Yoga

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Do you have any recommendations?  I’d love to hear them, share away in the comments section below.

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