Want to start Yoga, but….

You have friends that practice yoga, you’ve read about it and like the sound of it, but you think you’re not flexible enough, you tried it once and didn’t enjoy it, you’ve heard there’s lots of chanting …read more

The recipe roundup

I’m often asked what I eat, what foods I recommend, what diet do I recommend for this condition or another. I’m not qualified to offer specific advice, so I decided to share some of the resources I …read more

So you want to teach Yoga

You’ve been practicing yoga for a while and have fallen in love. You talk to anyone who will listen about yoga, you’ve bored your friends and family silly and you’re keen to learn more. You’re ready to …read more

Why I Write

I was tagged by the beautiful Lyndsey Eden, last August (yes you read that right!) to write a post on why I write. It took me some time to build an online home to share it on. Here …read more

What I Learnt From Unplugging

Imagine this…. You’re sat at your desk studying, or working, or on the phone, or… fill in the blank. How many times do you check emails and social media? The answer for me was: too many times …read more

Breathing practices to find Peace in Pain

Life is a mixed bag. It brings us good times and bad. Times of ill-health, emotional suffering, restlessness and immense heart-opening joy. When life isn’t moving in the direction we want, this is the time we create …read more