Chakras – Work with your energy body

Belinda Davidson's School of the Modern Mystic starts September 29th!

I have been fascinated by chakras since I first discovered the work of Caroline Myss many moons ago (see my life changing books blog post).

Chakras are energy centres within the body that relate to physical, mental and emotional aspects of our being.  A healthy chakra system is essential for a vibrant, healthy life!

While we work on the chakras, the energy body during a yoga practice, I wanted to learn more and have a more focused practice to help release blockages I felt were manifesting in my life.

Last year I was lucky to stumble upon the work of Belinda Davidson, and the result has been life changing!

I’ve read a lot about chakras, but Belinda’s school of the modern mystic (SoMM) course really helped me to do the work consistently, and therefore see the results. I learnt to keep going and move through fears, to be strong and to let go enough to allow life to flow. The result has been transformational.

If you’re feeling disconnected, lonely, a lack of purpose in your life, lacking in confidence, or like your life has stalled somehow, then this course could help you to clear the blockages and get your life on track.

If you want to learn more about the chakras, your own energy body and to heal yourself – physically and emotionally – to move your life forward in the direction of your dreams, then click on the image above to find out more information and see if you feel the pull.

It is now open for enrolment.

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have, feel free to drop me a note about this.

With love,

Nichola x

* I experienced such positive shifts in my life during this work that I’m honoured to be an affiliate for SoMM

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One thought on “Chakras – Work with your energy body

  1. Hi Nicola, I too have been fascinated by chakras for years and recently have been thinking I need to do some chakra work. I’m intrigued about what transformational changes you experienced as a result of doing this course? How has life shifted for you? Sounds exciting!

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