Got a decision to make?

  Making decisions is not my strong point, especially smaller ones… the yellow or blue t-shirt?  Dilemmas like this freeze my mind, and root my feet to the floor. I’ve no idea, I’ll buy both! It’s something …read more

The recipe roundup

I’m often asked what I eat, what foods I recommend, what diet do I recommend for this condition or another. I’m not qualified to offer specific advice, so I decided to share some of the resources I …read more

What I Learnt From Unplugging

Imagine this…. You’re sat at your desk studying, or working, or on the phone, or… fill in the blank. How many times do you check emails and social media? The answer for me was: too many times …read more

My Yoga Journey

Do you remember the girl at school, the one who in P.E. was last to get picked because she came last in almost every sports event. That was me. I’ve never been sporty, nor particularly competitive. And honestly, I …read more

A bit about me…

I decided to share 10 facts about me you probably don’t know, in an effort for you to get to know me a little better.  So here you go. I LOVE, love, love books, I carry a …read more