Yoga Love – An interview with Emma Tierney

I’m so happy to have connected with Emma, a health blogger over at Consciously Healthy where she shares her health journey and experiences of living with chronic illness. Today she is sharing her yoga journey, and how it has supported …read more

Yoga Love – An interview with Loveday Why

              Chatting with Loveday has been one of the highlights of this interview series. I’m passionate about healing with food and using natural remedies to treat illness and Loveday embraces this. This …read more

Yoga Love – An interview with Niamh Gallagher

  Today I’d like to introduce you to Niamh a reiki practitioner, meditation teacher, health coach, blogger and a sister chocolate lover from Ireland. We share many interests that are also our ‘work’, as well as a …read more

Yoga Love – An interview with Delamay Devi

Todays guest interview is with Delamay Devi, a yoga teacher I met whilst studying with Shiva Rea.  Her retreats are high up on my wishlist… Bali anyone? This girl is full of heart, if you get the …read more

Yoga Love – An interview with Caroline Donahue

Today I’m talking with Caroline, who like myself loves to devour books on a rainy afternoon and is an eternal student with a huge thirst for knowledge.  The more you learn the less you know… right? I loved learning …read more