Yoga Love – An interview with Niamh Gallagher

  Today I’d like to introduce you to Niamh a reiki practitioner, meditation teacher, health coach, blogger and a sister chocolate lover from Ireland. We share many interests that are also our ‘work’, as well as a …read more

Yoga Love – An interview with Mercedes Sieff

  Today we have Mercedes, a yoga teacher, yoga teacher trainer, writer and coach chatting to us about her favourite elements of her yoga practice, and what inspires her practice. Whenever I’m in London I make sure …read more

Yoga Love – An interview with Delamay Devi

Todays guest interview is with Delamay Devi, a yoga teacher I met whilst studying with Shiva Rea.  Her retreats are high up on my wishlist… Bali anyone? This girl is full of heart, if you get the …read more

Yoga Love – An interview with Caroline Donahue

Today I’m talking with Caroline, who like myself loves to devour books on a rainy afternoon and is an eternal student with a huge thirst for knowledge.  The more you learn the less you know… right? I loved learning …read more

Yoga Love – An interview with Dal Kular

It is an absolute pleasure to introduce you to Dal Kular today. I love the humor sprinkled throughout her writing.  Dal has a beautiful down to earth view on life and she is a joy to connect with. You can …read more