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A question I get asked over and over again is … What does your practice look like? or a variation of that.

While the answer is Yoga, the response often surprises people that I don’t talk about my physical practice.  Yoga has filtered out into my life and as a result, I’ve made several gradual changes to my lifestyle that have transformed how I feel day to day. I’ve created time for myself first thing in the morning before my day starts. I make time for a daily meditation practice and regular time on my yoga mat.

I’ve come to recognise the effect food has on my body and emotional state and modified my diet accordingly. I’ve learnt that a walk will inspire and lift my spirits, and journaling helps to clear out the clutter in my mind. The overall effect being a happier, calm, brighter, more sparkly version of me.

My number one health tip has to be; move your body every single day! This has been the change I’ve made that has had a hugely positive impact on my wellbeing. It helps me to let go, release and renew on a daily basis. Helping me to manage anxiety that tends to creep in unnoticed, and improve my energy levels, I feel more focused and productive in my work, whether I’m writing, planning classes and workshops or administrative tasks.

Living in Scotland it’s tempting to stay indoors, cosy up next to the fire with a cup of tea and a blanket wrapped around you, (even in the spring) and I’m all for that! However, moving your body helps to shift tiredness, and mental fog. It’s so important for our wellbeing and for me moving my body means getting on my yoga mat or going out for a walk through the woods, or to the beach to blow away the cobwebs.

Getting out in the fresh air helps to clear my mind and re-energises me. Having dogs are the discipline I need to get outdoors a couple of times a day, they remind me to step away from my work and take a break. It’s during these breaks that ideas start to form and take shape. Walking through the woods, I take in the fresh air, breathe deeply and watch nature at play. Without fail, it helps to clear my head and create space for thoughts to flow freely, to reflect and appreciate the simple things in life. Often I return home feeling rejuvenated and inspired.

And of course, I love my yoga practice, it feels like an act of love that nurtures and nourishes my heart and soul. It is truly a magical practice that keeps my inner pilot light burning! A regular date with my yoga mat has been transformative. Aches and pains are eased, a tense mind is soothed and brief glimpses of joy and an inner stillness keep calling me back to my mat. No matter how tired or stressed I feel, I always feel so much better after my practice and there are days when I have to remind myself of that!

A regular yoga practice keeps me smiling, no matter the storm blowing through my life.

I feel lighter, more optimistic, calm within myself, with lots of love in my heart.

So if it’s not something you currently do, commit to moving your body. Step outdoors, go for a walk, play your favourite sport, start running, take a yoga class, or any class, start moving your body every single day.

Release tension, breathe deep and feel your body thank you, the reward may be a better nights sleep, improved energy levels, a radiant glow, a new social circle, or a happy smile!


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2 thoughts on “Move your body

  1. Such a gorgeous post lovely. It’s so easy to get caught up in how things SHOULD look and we can put so much pressure on ourselves to have the “perfect” practise that often we end up doing nothing (I’ve definitely been there). So I LOVE your advice to just get moving, no matter what that is or what that means each day. Thank you for permission to take the pressure off. xx

    1. Thank you Sarah, it’s sage advice for me at the moment. Let’s acknowledge what we do, however little!

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