A bit about me…

Image Credit: Daniel Bowman
Image Credit: Daniel Bowman

I decided to share 10 facts about me you probably don’t know, in an effort for you to get to know me a little better.  So here you go.

  1. I LOVE, love, love books, I carry a book with me wherever I go and relish a stolen 10 mins in the day to read. And I NEVER finish a book without reading at least the first page of the next book.
  2. I’m a sensitive soul that needs time alone to recharge every single day. Time on the yoga mat, in meditation, out in nature walking my dogs, or you guessed it, curled up with a book are all essential to me.
  3. I love experimenting with healthy recipes. Raw chocolate brownies, Chocolate mousse are two of my favourites. Yum!
  4. My all time favourite TV indulgence is Grey’s Anatomy, love it.
  5. Anxiety is in my DNA, I’ve learnt to manage it, and stop judging it. I often find myself free falling into overwhelm. An over active mind is no fun and switching off is not easy. I’ve learnt to give myself time morning and evening to detach from my thoughts and give myself time to recharge.
  6. I never go anywhere without a snack and some water on me, food is one of the first things I consider when choosing a holiday destination. A girls got to eat!
  7. I seriously love my work. Sharing yoga is an honour and a pleasure that I’m grateful for every day.
  8. Travelling to a new country or city is my number one choice for reigniting inspiration, works every time.
  9. Ticking things off my to do list, is one of life’s pleasures. I’ve been known to write some things down I did in my day, but didn’t plan for just so I can tick them off. (Don’t we all secretly do this?!)
  10. Somewhere along my path I discovered Indian classical music, Ravi Shankar, Niraj Chag and Nitin Sawhney’s music makes my spine tingle!

I’ve asked the lovely Sarah Jensen to share 10 fun facts about herself. Sarah is one of my favourite bloggers and an amazing coach, who helps to inspire me and keep me creating. Go check out her blog! But before you go; why don’t you share something about yourself in the comments below?

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7 thoughts on “A bit about me…

  1. Yep ~ books, recharging, chocolate, anxiety, snacks, water, travel and lists! I’m hearing you! And that’s a fabulous picture, by the way…

  2. Wow. Can I ever relate! Love books, love healthy chocolate, love yoga. And travel is pretty much required for my sanity. I am so thrilled to know you, Nichola!

    I love that you have to read the first page of the next book before finishing the one you’re reading- I have never thought of that. Also, agree with Claire that the photo choice above is excellent.

    My little known fact is that I am horribly afraid of the two little girls from the movie The Shining. Even though it never happens in the movie, I keep thinking they’ll be there in the bathroom when I get out of the shower. How’s that for a weird phobia?

    1. Thank you Caroline. Another kindred spirit :).
      Haha! Actually, I can relate. I watched The Omen many moons ago and it still haunts me now! I can’t watch horror movies, I stick to rom coms!

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