A Hector shaped hole

Callakille2009 149To Hector a beautiful boy, my faithful, strong friend, my caretaker…



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The day we brought you home, my heart burst open. You shone your beautiful, playful, fun loving light over our lives and made them so much more meaningful.

You made us a family.

You’ve been by my side, my shadow for seven years.

Your love, friendship, and playfulness got me through the hardest of times and brought me back to life when I was filled with sorrow.

Your need to play, go for walks in the park, and runs on the beach showed me how to enjoy life again.

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You showed me how to love.

You brought out the best in people, your wagging tail brought a smile to the grumpiest of faces.

Your adorable big eyes and floppy ears produced a chorus of aww’s as you walked down the street and your tail lifted higher with pride.

Those eyes said a thousand words. They told us when you wanted to play, eat, go for a walk, cuddle on the sofa and when it was time for treats.

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Sweet, fun, gentle, loving, tenacious boy.

You healed my heart time and time again.  I’m sorry I couldn’t do the same for you.

Part of me has died with you. I’m forever changed and so grateful to have had you in my life, for the lessons you brought, but most of all I’m grateful for the love you filled my life with.


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Never again will we have our morning greeting, I bend down, you put your paws on my lap, I ruffle your ears, kiss your cheek and say ‘good morning beautiful’, before you run off into the garden.

Never again will I anticipate your arrival, hearing your footsteps I’d stop whatever I was doing to say hello and stroke you.

Never again will we snuggle up together.

Never again will you steal Harry’s food.

Never again will you stare at me and sniff to get my attention.

Never again will you throw your toys at me or nudge my leg with your bottom saying ‘let’s play’.

Never again will you join in with my yoga practice and cuddle up in meditation and relaxation.


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Words cannot convey just how much I miss you!

I’m so grateful to you for walking me through the hard times. I wish you could have stayed to enjoy the good times ahead.

As we move into a new chapter of life. It’s with a heavy heart and reluctance that I say goodbye beautiful boy, thank you, heart and soul, for your love. You stayed by my side as I fought for my dream. Now it’s come true I promise you I will cherish every moment.

The world was a better place with you in it.

There will forever be a Hector shaped hole in my heart.

I love you now and always.

Keep shining beautiful, I’ll see you on the other side.


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9 thoughts on “A Hector shaped hole

  1. What a special little man who filled so much of your life. I’m so sorry you’ve had to say goodbye to him, Nichola. I can understand the void. You’ve words have touched deep … we lost our beautiful boy just over a year ago. I still miss him every day. Thinking of you xxx

  2. Sorry for your loss Nichola, tears are running down my cheeks, such beautiful and moving words.

    Love & light to you.


  3. Nichola- I’m so sorry to hear this about Hector. What a beauty and what a lovely spirit. There is such heartbreak when they go. I lost a most-beloved kitty, Mouse, when he was 7 due to health complications and it just feels so unfair when they go early. He had a beautiful life with you and I’m sure he’ll always be watching out for you still. But it is so hard. Sending lots of love and many big hugs to you. xxx

  4. Hi Nichola, so sorry to hear about Hector passing. What a very beautiful boy, gorgeous photos, he looks like such an old and wise soul. This post really touches my heart. It’s so honest and this is what loss feels like. I feel it’s important to share our losses so we feel less alone. Thanks for writing this Nichola and here’s hoping Hector meets up with my Dad way up there!

    1. Thank you Dal, it was very healing to write! I like to think that they’re enjoy some walks and time on the sofa up there :) xx

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